Leasing node service

Services we provide

our/biz/node is an independent LTO network community node, helping to secure transactions on the LTO blockchain by creating blocks and storing transactions for the LTO network.

Leasing Node

If your are a holder of LTO tokens, you can earn passive LTO rewards by delegating your tokens to our node. Your tokens always remain in your own wallet and you keep full control of your funds.

Friendly community

Connect to our community through our telegram chat.

Security through decentralization

By providing an independent node for the LTO network, we help with increasing the securing of the network. Decentralization leads to a more trustworthy ecosystem.

How to lease to our/biz/node?

our/biz/node features

High 99% reward payout

our/biz/node pays out 99% of all token rewards for all leasers with total lease amount higher than 5000 LTO. We take a sub average fee of 1% to cover transaction costs.

Biweekly payouts

You are paid every second week on Saturday. Payments occur between 10AM—5PM UTC.